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Mission Statement

“We are St. Anne Catholic Church. A welcoming community, inspired by the Holy Spirit, we seek to proclaim Christ’s loving mission.”

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Going On Vacation?
Find A Mass Near You

MassTimes.org When you plan to head out for a vacation, don't forget Mass. In order to help you find the most local Catholic Church and subsequent Mass times, check out this web site: MassTimes.org. Once there, all you need to do is first select the state on the map or type in the name of the city. Then the map will hone into the local parishes. From there, select a parish and you can then get the Mass times as well as directions if the parish supplied them. You can also begin by selecting the diocese and then narrowing down your location from there.

Become An Automatic Giver

With all the stresses of life, St. Anne's has an option to help you donate in am easy, no-hassle, safe, and effective way. This process is technically called ACH (Automatic Clearing House) whereby a parishioner authorizes the Church to make regularly scheduled withdraws from his/her bank account. Simply, download the ACH Authorization form, fill it out, return it to the office with a voided check, and that's it. I you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Alan Crews, our business manager.

Plant in HandIn addition to the safety factor of ACH, it is also quite "green." An enormous amount of natural resources are consumed in the production, transportation, processing and disposal of paper checks. That's why paying bills electronically always ranks high on any list of actions an individual can take to improve the environment. Since the year 2000, the powerful trend toward electronic payments has already produced more than a 50 percent decline in check use. As you consider the payment method you use to make your regular offering, we hope that you will think about the unique connection between financial and environmental stewardship.

Download the form here: Word format (Requires M.S. Word) or PDF Format (requires a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat)

St. Patrick Of The Forest's 150th Anniversary Mass with Archbishop Sample

CAVE JUNCTION (Catholic Sentinel)— Lorraine Saffer has shaken the hands of a half dozen archbishops during their visits to this small town in the woods near the Oregon-California border. It all started in the early 1950s, when Archbishop Edward Howard blessed a simple white house of worship after Catholics had met for Mass in local homes for years. Saffer, 80, was a teenager then, daughter of a local farmer.

Now she's the matriarch of St. Patrick of the Forest.

Archbishop Alexander Sample, who visited Monday for the 150th anniversary of the mission, made it clear to Saffer and the other 105 housholds here that St. Patrick's remoteness from Portland does not mean it's forgotten.

Read more here.

Prayer Breaks

PrayerBreaksApril 8, 2015 - Easter is now here and we focus on God's mercy. This coming weekend is Divine Mercy Sunday. Listen to the words of Christ through St. Foustina about Divine Mercy . Download this week's song as a way to encourage your prayer this week.

Go to our new PrayerBreaks page now to download your two free songs. Prayerbreaks is where...

As you listen, pray, and reflect, you can always hear more as well as purchase and become a montly subscriber to BreakBreaks by going to prayerbreaks.org

Feasibility Study

Church ElevationApril 4, 2015 -St. Anne's is making plans to build a new church. Along with that church comes a new overall site plan for our campus. Your first question may be, "Why even consider such an endeavor?" Simply put, our current facility and liturgical space are deficient and Take Surveyboth are in serious need of improvement or replacement in order to better serve our congregation. Remember, the liturgy is the Source and Summit of ourFaith (CCC 1324 and Vat.II SC 10 & 14) and our current liturgical space precludes us from properly celebrating the liturgy.

The next phase of this venture is to determine if it is even feasible. So, we have employed a company to help us survey our community to see if it is desirable and possible. Your responses to our online survey will help us focus our attention and energy on areas of special importance to you as we establish goals and objectives.

Please click the red "Survey" button, above, in order to take our online survey. Your input as a parishioner will be of great help to accomplish the immediate goal to see if this project is what we truly value.

Click here to see more details as well as conceptual drawings.


Welcome Our New Principal!

Colleen KotrbaApril 1, 2015, Fr. William Holtzinger - Dear St. Anne Parish and School Community: It is an honor and pleasure to officially announce the selection of Mrs. Colleen Kotrba as our new principal effective July 1, 2015. This is an important transition in the history of our school, and I am excited, confident, and thankful that Mrs. Kotrba will be leading our precious school into the future. This decision caps a year-long process that began when Frankie Bytheway announced her intention to retire after 22 years of selfless service to our school as a teacher and two-term principal.

Colleen has my full support. And while her new role does not begin until July, we are immediately beginning her transition process to make her first days, weeks, and months as smooth as possible. Colleen has that rare and very important quality of a servant’s heart for children. She is full of ideas and experience that come from being a teacher, wife, and mother of four children. Colleen has a heart for Jesus and is focused on why our school exists. I am very excited about her new appointment, as I believe she will continue to build on our commitment to faith formation, scholarship, leadership, and service according to our Catholic Values which we expect of our school. Click here to read more.

2015 Archbishop's Catholic Appeal

Come Home

January 13, 2014 - If you are searching for meaning in this world of confusion, please come and check out the Catholic Church. If you feel that in all of your searches, nothing has brought you to fulfillment, but rather left you still empty and wanting, then maybe the Catholic Church is for you. We're made of saints and sinners, young and old, rich and old. We love Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Savior. We strive to follow the teachings of the Apostles of Jesus. We are fed by the Sacraments, the Scriptures, and prayer. Though not perfect in our personal lives, we pray that we may increase our faithfulness. Maybe you are being called home to the Faith of our Fathers. Seek us out. Kick a pew. And if you have any questions, call and ask to speak with a priest. We'll do what we can to make that connection or a connection with someone who can help.

Archbishop's Catholic AppealJanuary 24, 2015 - On February 7-8th, our parish will be offering the Commitment Weekend for the 2015 Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal. During Mass we will watch a video from Archbishop Sample about the Appeal. If you received a personalized commitment card in the mail please bring it to Mass with you that weekend as we join together to support our Catholic Church in western Oregon. If you did not receive a commitment card in the mail pledge envelopes will be available during Mass.

This next week, please read the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal materials you will receive in the Parish Bulletin and prayerfully reflect on the level of commitment you will make next weekend. The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal provides substantial financial support to essential ministries that support parishes in our Catholic Church in western Oregon. These programs provide education and faith formation at all levels and provide a Catholic presence for tens of thousands of people. When we stop to count our abundant blessings, we are aware of how truly blessed we are. The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal is an invitation to share your blessings and support for the Gospel mission here in Western Oregon.

Your pledge is also a sign of your gratitude for God’s generous abundance. While we can never out-do God in generosity, we are called to join in the mission of the Gospel as we put forth the gifts of life, goodness, and grace through the sharing of our own blessings from God.

Watch the video by clicking this link.

Make a donation to the appeal by clicking here.






Child Safety

ArmatusSt. Anne's is committed to the safety of our children and strives to always make sure that we are aware of safety issues therein. As such, our employees and volunteers who work with children are background checked and current with their safety Armatus(TM) training through Praesidium Inc.

If you are a volunteer, each Fall, you should check your Praesidium account for your status and complete whatever training videos or presentations are needed. Click this link to go to the Praesidium Inc. web site to complete your online Armatus(TM) training.

Archdiocese "Called To Protect" Training Class Schedule

Archdiocese Child Abuse Policy

USCCB's Charter for the Protection of Children

St. Anne's Pastoral Priorities

Aug. 12, 2012 - This past couple years, St. Anne's Pastoral Council has been working hard on discerning the vision and mission of our parish. The result is a new mission (see left) which was published almost two years ago and now a series of priorities with goals and objectives describing how we will accomplish those priorities.

On July 22nd, Lorin Schrader, the Chair of the Pastoral Council offered a presentation describing the overall vision of the Pastoral Priorities. In order listen to that presentation (mp3 format), you can click here.

You can also download a PDF version to read for yourself in detail. To do so, click here to begin download.

Liturgical Ministry Schedule Online

Ministry Scheduler ProMay 4, 2014 - With the complexity of trying to schedule and find substitutes for our liturgical ministries, we have begun using some amazing software which will do the heavy lifting for everyone. It is called, Ministry Scheduler Pro or MSP. It can keep families together if desired for the same Mass, fairly rotate ministers while avoiding conflicts, create simple requests for substitutes, assist ministers with one-stop access to USCCB readings and audio, songs, notes, and more. It really is the answer to the building frustration that is involved in scheduling and managing all the volunteers to are needed for our liturgies.

Go to our Liturgical Ministers page found under the "Ministries" pop-down menu, above to change your preferences for availability or seek out a substitute.

Learn more about how it works by clicking here. If you wish, you can also click this link to check out the online tour. Churches in our diocese we've spoken with who use MSP have given us rave reviews. So, we are excited to get this going and make everything so much easier for all involved.

Ministry Scheduler Pro Scheduling Software - Click to enroll

Men's ACTS Retreat Date Changed

ACTS RetreatNovember 28, 2014 - The next Men's ACTS Retreat has been rescheduled for April 23rd to April 26th, 2015. These retreats fill up fast, so if you desire to go, please download the registration form and deliver it to Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church, Ashland as soon as possible.

What is an ACTS Retreat? Click this link to find out.

Download the registration form by clicking here for Word format or click here for PDF format.

School Scrip Program

September 26, 2014 - A great way to support our school is to participate in our school's Scrip Program. It simply involves the purchasing of a gift card for the face value of the card. But buy purchasing things with that card, a percentage goes towards the general fund of the school's operating budget. Stop by the school office or the vestibule or parish center after the weekend Masses to buy Scrip for your next shopping trip.

Here's a list of stores that are participating with us in the Scrip program: Fred Meyer, Grocery Outlet, Gooseberries, Cartwright’s, Black Bear, Casablanca-Dutch Bros., El Patron, Elmer’s, Human Bean, Orchid Grill, Si-Casa Flores, Taco Locos, Taqueria, Sizzler, Taprock-The Pita Pit, The Vine-Yogurt Hut, and Oregon Books.

IRS Action Alert

IRS Action AlertArchdiocese of Portland January 25, 2015 - Action alert re: IRS mailing. The Archdiocese has just learned that the IRS is delayed in issuing IP-PINs. Thus, you may not receive an IP-PIN during this tax season, even though you had a background check performed in connection with service for the Archdiocese, a parish, or school. The IRS will continue to issue IP-PINs on a rolling basis. If you have received an IP-PIN, you must use it to file your taxes. If you have not received an IP-PIN, the IRS advises that the best way to protect yourself is to file your taxes early. The IRS apologizes for the delays and confusion it has caused.

The FAQ’s posted in the Archdiocese’s website were revised accordingly and were updated on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact the IRS Identity Protection Special Unit at 1-800-908-4490 or visit a Tax Payer Assistance Center. Please do not contact the Archdiocese or your parish or school. Neither the Archdiocese nor your parish or school has any further information on the issuance of IP-Pins.

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